When Should Pregnancy Calender Start

Do You Know When Should Pregnancy Calender Start?

When Should Pregnancy Calender Start?

When Should Pregnancy Calender Start?

When should pregnancy calender start. Pregnancy calculator points to any of the various methods to determine the birth time of the new-born.

The intellectuals having a medical point of view among the Homo sapiens have been resorting to various means to pinpoint the day when a baby would be born. Obviously, many things are to be taken into account.

Since the days of yore, there have been various attempts to ascertain with 100 per cent surety the day when a baby is born. Carrying forward the trend, alternative health practices as well as modern medical science has innovated strategies to identify the day after conception a newborn is delivered. These processes are collectively termed Pregnancy calculator.

Hence, pregnancy calculator refers to the roster starting from the time when there has been missed periods following unprotected sex. Pregnancy points to the stages through which a woman has to pass through before becoming a mother.

It is necessary that the mother and her spouse remain doubly aware of the precautions necessary to have a tension-free pregnancy or to stay from pregnancy even after having unprotected physical relationship(s).

Pregnancy Calculator: How To Go About It?

Such remedial measures can be taken by charting out a pregnancy calculator. Therefore, the woman going nature’s way must take special note to jot down in her diary the last time she missed menstruation after experiencing unshielded physical union with her partner of the opposite gender.

Notably, a missed period or menstruation is the immediate sign of conception.

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When Should Pregnancy Calendar Start?

The pregnancy calculator needs to commence from conception. The pregnancy calendar concludes with the delivery of the baby.

To properly calculate the pregnancy calculator we must understand the various processes that lead to pregnancy. The aspects that are closely connected with the pregnancy calendar are pregnancy, conception, menstruation or periods, and delivery, and let’s analyze each of these processes.

Pregnancy Calculator and Conception

Conception occurs when the egg of a female gets united with the virile sperm of a male within the vagina. Now commences a romantic journey of the mature egg. It moves backwards towards the uterus and gets lodged at the uterus opening thereby blocking the very uterine passage through which the mature egg passes into the vagina during menstruation.

This stops the process of any other egg proceeding from the uterus into the vagina to be dislodged as it should be after every 25-30 days. The mature egg now starts taking form giving shape to the fetus which finally develops into a baby.

Therefore, the pregnancy calendar starts with conception. It leads to the pre-labor stage. Next is the post-labor stage which leads to birth of the baby. The delivery of the baby is done either through the normal process or by caesarian.

Conception is the union of a sperm (from the male) with a mature egg (of the female) within her vagina. This unison results in the egg being fertilized. The fertilized egg then moves backwards from the vagina to get stuck at the opening of the uterus which actually produces the eggs.

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This blocks the passage of the uterus. Thus the fertilized egg negates the possibilities of more eggs sneaking into the vagina during the menstruation cycles.

The most fertile phase for an egg to be fertilized is between the 10th and the18h days.

Prenatal Testing

Prenatal Testing is must to determine the actual state of pregnancy. Prenatal tests need to be done the moment a woman realizes that there are missed periods following unprotected sex. Such clinical tests are done at very economical rates in any medical clinic. Nowadays, it can also be done at home also.

Prenatal testing basically includes testing the blood, stool and urine of the pregnant woman. These prenatal tests serve as vital data for the doctor to assess the overall condition of the mother to-be.

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