How Early Can You Take A Pregnancy Test

How Early Can You Take A Pregnancy Test
How Early Can I Take a Pregnancy Test? First Response Early Result Pregnancy Test Review

Hi Moms… For mommy knows what is best time to take a pregnancy test. And today I want to talk to you about how early can you take a pregnancy test?

This is a question a lot of women want to know the answer to. Especially when they’re in that dreaded two-week wait. When they’re waiting to take that pregnancy test the answer many women.

Most women should wait until the day of their missed period. That’s the best time to get an accurate result. They do say however you can start testing around ten days past ovulation up until 14 days past ovulation which is pretty much when you miss your period.

I know sounds crazy to wait that entire two weeks, but it’s the best inaccurate time. There are tests out there. However that can detect pregnancy earlier than others. In fact, thanks to influence central and first response.

I was sent a kit with the first response early result pregnancy tests as you can see right here in the box. So as you can test six days sooner. Then your missed period now is everyone going to be able to get a net result six days early.

There’s a chance what your chances get greater the closer you are to your missed period. I can tell you from experience. I have taken these tests before with my three kids. And one of the times I believe I was able to get an early result before my missed period.

It all depends on how much HCG you have in your system. It’s not the tests fault. It’s your body. How much each CD is CG is made in your body when you have a pregnancy. But again the best time is when you miss your period.

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But if you can’t wait you should really check out these first response for a lab result tests a lot of women like them again.

I have used them before, and they’ve changed so much even in the past. Might my oldest now seven years old in the past seven years. These tests have changed. They want to make them easier for you to be able to use.

They don’t want you to have those awkward moments. Where you make the test invalid because you held it the wrong way or you totally missed the landing strip where your urine needs to go, so they made some design changes.

In fact, they made it with a curved shape. This is a better picture of it curved shape. So it’s easier for a woman to hold it if they’re going to be trying to test pregnancy from midstream.

They also made it with the 50% wider tip which is very less chance of you missing it. There’s a longer handle makes it easier to hold another benefit of these tests. They are FDA approved.

They’re designed to detect all forms of urinary HCG that hormone in your system. That’s detected when you’re pregnant. And it can detect pregnancy like I said. It’s really a six days before the day of your missed period again. Chances get higher the closer you are to your missed period.

In fact, they’re even higher after you miss your period, but you can start testing early. If you want to this kit comes with two tests, that’s nice you’re not wasting your money on a single test every single time. Two pink lines is pregnant doesn’t matter how faint that line is if you see a second line within the window of time you’re pregnant.

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I have got many faint results eventually. They get darker as you get more HCG in your system two faint lines two lines no matter. What is pregnant your results should show up in the window.

This nice easy to weep read window within three minutes, so that’s pretty quick I mean. It’s like it kills your waiting but wait those full three minutes to get your result. But don’t go any don’t wait any longer than 10 minutes after 10 minutes.

The test is considered invalid and then you have to retest because what happens is the longer. Let’s say the longer the urine stays in the test evaporation lines occur and then you can think you’re pregnant when actually it’s an evaporation line, so before ten minutes you need to read your tests.

These are available at all major drug stores and grocery stores and they retail for about $8.99 to $15.99, depending on you know how a tester in the box, sometimes they even come with coupons. I’ve seen them with coupons so I’m actually going to go ahead and show you one of the tests I have one right here.

They come in a sterile package okay you can see the curved test. It’s easy to hold if you’re testing midstream. The tip is definitely wider than I’ve seen another pregnancy test right here.

It shows you the window two lines pregnant, one line not pregnant and I’m actually going to show you a sample. I’m not going to do it midstream. I’m going to do it from a cup which you can do it. Let’s see how this works I’m just going to do it over here.

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Just hold the test in there for a couple seconds, and see how it goes. A cap it and then we have the three-minute wait, let’s see what happens. I have used these and I have used a lot of other tests. I like these they’re not as expensive as some of the other ones like I said.

They come in kits of two. I believe first response even Meeks ovulation kits that come with pregnancy tests. Those are nice as well especially a frame in that two-week wait you want to check your ovulation. And you want to do a pregnancy test at the same time looks like I have a result already.

There’s two lines surprised, I’m pregnant. I’m actually nine weeks and six days today, but I wanted to show you guys, I’ve been waiting and dying to tell you guys, I am pregnant. I’m expecting my fourth baby.

Getting show you one of my first result pregnancy test, two lines and they showed up right away. Of course I’m Way past my miss period, so my lines came up right away most of the time.

You need to wait is the three minute mark but thanks to first response and influence central. This is fun. I couldn’t wait to tell you moms, don’t forget. You can find the first response tests in grocery stores and in drugstores all across the nation.

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