How Do I get Pregnant?

Symptoms of Pregnancy – How Do I get Pregnant?

There are many symptoms of pregnancy. The most prominent symptom of pregnancy is missed periods or when the menstruation cycle stops after a session or sessions of unprotected sex.

How do I get Pregnant?

How do I get Pregnant?

How Do I get Pregnant?

The first precondition to be pregnant is to experience unprotected sex. The compound term ‘unprotected sex’ implies physical union between the two sexes or partners of the opposite sex without any family planning measures like the cup for the females or the condom for the males.

Nonetheless, the very act of such unison between the man and the woman would not naturally lead to pregnancy all the time. This is again due to certain preconditions that remain to be fulfilled.

The first is whether the ejaculation of the male’s semen within the vagina of the female has taken place within the most fertile phase of her ovulation stage or not.

Secondly, the two persons must be capable of producing the right amount of healthy eggs and sperms. Remember that pregnancy is generally the result of one virile sperm (of the male) out of hundreds such sperms that unite with the mature egg (of the female).

If the above preconditions are fulfilled, the chances are that the woman will conceive.

Menstruation Moves

However, just because menstruation has stopped does not necessarily mean that you are pregnant. This is particularly true in the modern-day context. This is because menstruation can stop or you may have missed periods due to continued exhaustion or stress.

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Besides, menstruation cycles continue for some phases even in the post-conception stage. Irregular menstruation cycles are also common with many women.

Factors Affecting Periods

The modern-day lifestyle marked by the junk food culture also has an adverse effect on our health including certain key functioning of several organs inside the body. This is especially true of the womenfolk. Let’s see how. The modern-day women have to juggle several things in their day-today life.

They have to successfully play the multiple roles of the spouse, mother, and also that of being one of the providers or even the sole provider of her family by being professionals. Obviously, the traditional home maker is now an astute juggler in the ways of the world.

The corporate world puts its heavy demands on time and energy on its personnel who lead a mechanical life full of mental stress, and which in turn ultimately saps the physical energy.

All these factors can bring about changes in the hormonal balances. These imbalances effect missed periods as well.

Why Some Normal Women Don’t Conceive The Maiden Time?

There is a pointer here. The have been umpteen instances when a normal woman fails to conceive despite having unprotected sex with the partner whereas there are also lots of cases when a woman becomes pregnant the very first time she makes love.

The pertinent poser: Why is it so? Here too, there may be many factors involved.

According to medical researchers, one of the obvious reasons is that the vital organs of the woman involved in the birth process need a gestation period to get ready for pregnancy. The woman conceives after a series of unprotected sex with the partner.

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Beware: Missed Periods Don’t Signify Pregnancy

However, it is not necessary that just because the regular menstruation cycle has missed its roster that a woman has conceived. This is because missed periods can be due to other factors as well.

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