Pregnancy Calendar

The correct process for a tension-free pregnancy – Pregnancy Calendar

Pregnancy calendar helps in charting out the correct process for a tension-free pregnancy. Once you prepare the pregnancy calendar, you have already won 99% of the new innings of your life.

This is primarily because your spadework will help not only yourself but also your spouse, family members and the doctor, to say the least. So, what is the pregnancy calendar? It will also keep you busy constructively.

Week-by-Week Pregnancy Calendar

Week-by-Week Pregnancy Calendar

Pregnancy Calendar and Mental Makeup

Pregnancy calendar and your mental makeup are intimately linked. Both have sure impacts not just on you, your family but above all also on your baby.

Remember, a smooth sail during the pregnancy calendar necessitates that you do not indulge in wishful dreams or in negative thoughts. This is primarily because whatever you do will have a direct impact on the fetus.

Therefore, concentrate on creative pursuits that do take a toll on your physical energy. Save the physical power for your D-day.

Pregnancy Calender

The pregnancy calendar is basically the job of the woman planning to enter motherhood. Technically, it is a diary. The pregnancy calendar is a day-to-day list of progresses and things to do and things not to do.

The pregnancy calendar commences from the date when you and your spouse may have made one of your life’s ultimate decisions to become parents.

Hence the pregnancy calendar will also include the following developments:

1. Missed periods leading conception.
2. The slow but steady growth of the fetus within the womb as it takes the shape of a baby.
3. Those pains, convulsions and reshaping of your uterus and the feeling that your body is definitely metamorphosing temporarily for the final countdown.
4. The resultant psychological and mental developments.
5. The movements, kicks and convulsions of the living being within you.
6. Think of the ways you have innovated to tackle the natural inconveniences.
7. Jot down the drastic changes that have surely become a part of your daily schedule now following conception.
8. Ensure that you are writing about every single minute detail. The diary will be your reference the next time you go the nature’s way.
9. Above all, practice mind control daily. This will make your pregnancy all the more easier and adventurous.
10. Concentrate on the fetus. Give it quality time.

Prepare your pregnancy calendar in such a way that you remain relaxed. Medical research has found that your mental and physical states have a direct bearing on the baby. The books you read or the movies you see and also the people with which you spend most of the time mould the nature of your thoughts. They, in turn, ultimately help in the shaping of the psychological bend of the fetus.

Against this backdrop the 36 weeks that you will be carrying the baby in your womb holds significance.

The Critical Months In The Pregnancy Calendar

The first few months of pregnancy are the most critical for the developing infant, because during this period the infant’s brain, arms, legs, and internal organs are formed.

Some reasons for a pregnant girl ought to be particularly careful concerning taking any quite medication, except on the recommendation of a medical man WHO is aware of that she is obtaining pregnant. X rays should also be avoided, and pregnant women should avoid smoking and alcohol consumption.

Similarly, the last three months are equally critical ones. Chances of miscarriages abound during this time. To obviate the possibility, the mother to-be needs to stay away from hard physical labor.

It is prudent to also not have sex during the beginning as well as in the concluding part of the pregnancy calendar.

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