Remedies to Stop Postpartum Hair Loss

Natural Home Remedies to Stop Postpartum Hair Loss

When you are suffering from postpartum hair loss, you may feel even more frustrated about all of the adjustments that will occur after giving birth to a child.

Remedies to Stop Postpartum Hair Loss

Remedies to Stop Postpartum Hair Loss

Interestingly enough, a study published in the Archives of Dermatology indicates that only 67% of women that experience hair loss after having a baby will enjoy normal hair growth within 4 – 6 months. If you happen to be someone that falls within the other 33%, it may be of some use to consider testing natural home remedies for this issue.

Mothers that are breastfeeding should always take precautions before using any type of hair loss solution. Even if a product is listed as organic, you never really know what chemicals will be absorbed by the skin, and then find their way into breast milk.

At the very least, you should limit yourself to the simplest recipes that make use of common household foods or spices.
Postpartum hair loss.

Vinegar Shampoo

As you may be aware, modern shampoos often cause damage to the scalp, as well as leave hair brittle and dry. Even if you normally use conditioner, it will never be able to take the place of natural oils that coat your hair.

Using a vinegar shampoo will remove most of the toxins that built up on your scalp as well as stimulate hair growth. Depending on scent preferences, you should be able to find a free recipe that suits your needs.

Increase Blood Circulation

It is very important to realize that poor circulation will prevent nutrients and oxygen from reaching root hairs. If you are not able to exercise, rubbing your scalp vigorously may be of some help.

In addition, if you tend to wear your hair in a bun, or some other restricted form, leaving it loose may also stimulate blood circulation in the scalp.

Reduce Stress

As with anything else, increased stress levels will also inhibit healthy hair growth. You can use meditation, journalist, and active problem solving plans to reduce stress as much as possible.

Aside from this, if you are having problems with other family members, hiring a Douala may make it easier to gain some extra support during the postpartum period.

Even though a new baby may look absolutely adorable with a bald head, you may not relish seeing yourself with thinning hair each time you look in the mirror. While hair loss after pregnancy is normal, waiting for it to grow back can be very upsetting and frustrating.

Today, you can try three simple natural remedies for postpartum hair loss that may also lead to an improved overall lifestyle, as well as ending reliance on products that may be doing hidden harm to your health.