Becoming Pregnant Is Not As Easy

Becoming Pregnant Is Not As Easy As You Think

Becoming Pregnant Is Not As Easy As You Think

Becoming Pregnant Is Not As Easy

Becoming pregnant Is not as easy. For the sufferers of infertility the focus should be on seeking timely medical help to pinpoint the cause and eliminate it. Infertility can be defined as a disease of the reproductive system characterized by diminished ability or total inability to procreate and have children.

It affects both the genders and can be temporary and reversible. Sometimes it can also be permanent and irreversible causing unhappiness in the family. Fortunately most of the cases of infertility are temporary and can be reversed with proper treatment.

One third of infertility cases happen due to male factors and one third of cases occur because of female factors. The remaining one third of cases can be attributed to problems of both the partners and other factors.

For males, infertility can occur due to genetic diseases or reasons and also due to no or very few sperm count. Some males also suffer from malformation of sperm cells or the inability of sperm cells reaching the egg.

For females, the causes can be many such as defects in the structure of uterus, uterine fibroid, poly cystic ovary syndrome, fallopian tube blockage and pelvic inflammatory disease. The causes of infertility vary from person to person and are beyond individual control.

Becoming Pregnant Is Not As Easy

For those who are infertile, the thoughts of suicide occur often and the sufferer resorts to alcohol and drug abuse. There is a sudden change in appetite causing sudden weight gain or loss.

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There is also loss of focus, concentration, inability to accomplish simple tasks, bitterness, irritability and anger. Permanent infertility or the possibility of it can have far reaching effects on the sufferer.

Some of the ill effects are prolonged depression, increased anxiety, guilt feelings, feelings of low self esteem, doubts about self worth and loss of interest in normal activities.

There are herbs that have been successfully used in eastern medicine to treat infertility effectively and this ancient knowledge has stood the test of time since thousands of years.

Herbal medicines seem to work well for women than men. Female infertility is treated with the combination of herbs such as wild yam, false unicorn root, red clover blossom, licorice and others. Male infertility is treated by herbs such as saw palmetto.

The urge to procreate is a powerful basic instinct in all of us and when this does not happen due to reasons beyond our control we are baffled. A family without children is like a garden without flowers hence lifeless.

Infertility can have devastating effect on the psyche of the couples straining their relationship leading sometimes to separation or even divorce.

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