Symptoms of Pregnancy in First Month

Symptoms of Pregnancy in First Month – Early Pregnancy Symptoms

Pregnancy is a natural process of childbirth. It is also a time period when one or more fetus develops inside the woman. Commonly, pregnancy is over nine months, and every month is on average 29 and half days.

Symptoms of Pregnancy in First Month

Symptoms of Pregnancy in First Month

The main symptoms of pregnancy in the first month food aversions. If you are newly pregnant you can get a bad smell from the sandwich or a cup of coffee. It is known as food aversions pregnant. Women get a bad smell from all types of foods and it is a major symptom mood swings.

Mood swings are a common symptom during the pregnancy. The main cause of this sign is hormonal changes some moms experienced sensitive emotions. And they also can feel depressed or anxious abdominal bloating hormonal changes.

In early pregnancy can make you feel bloated. It is similar feeling which women feel before their period you can also feel your clothes are more warm than usual. Frequent urination you may need to urinate frequently during your early pregnancy.

Hormonal changes increase the rate of blood flow through your kidneys. And it is the main cause of this frequent urination weakness sudden if you experience diet and weakness than before. It is a sign of the early pregnancy rapidly increasing levels of the hormone progesterone.

The main cause of these pregnancy symptoms are sore breasts swollen breasts and sensitivity happens for increasing levels of hormones during the pregnancy. This ones may feel like an exaggerated version of  feelings before your period light bleeding or spotting if you are pregnant.

How can you tell if you are pregnant in the first month?

You can notice spotting or light bleeding in early time, but if you observe just light spotting or heavy bleeding around the time of your period. It is not a sign of pregnancy morning sickness. It doesn’t come until about a month or two after conception, but sometimes it can begin as early as two weeks pregnancy.

Related with the nausea can start in the morning, noon or night mist period if you sudden miss your period. It is a symptom of pregnancy the period, also can be late for many others reasons if you get a missed period. You should try to find out others pregnancy signs at this time and high temperature.

If you have been looking at your basal body temperature and you observe your temperature has stayed elevated for more than two weeks, you are most likely pregnant.

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